Why should you bother filling out this odor complaint form?

Good question. You're a busy person, and this form doesn't even substitute for calling your complaint in to AQMD or the Landfill.

Firstly, if you report on this form that you did call your complaint in to these agencies (and when you did), we can effectively check their own reports of calls from your area. If this web form generates evidence that, say, 20 people called on a certain day, and then AQMD claims only 5 did, we can refute AQMD's claim.

Secondly, after enough data is collected, we can geographically track waves of odors permeating across town over the course of a day. After enough submittals, we can begin offering a visual Google-Earth type depiction of odor reports in the area.

Finally, your report can help your neighbors and yourself. In the absence of air testing in our neighborhood, the least we can do is gather organized evidence of odors. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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